Team Inmind Clothing

Streetwear Inspired by Different Sounds.

EDM Clothing with Streetwear attitude. Fresh designs, tough sayings, and premium quality fabrics make our clothes look as well as feel amazing. We have everything you and the crew need to look your best this Festival Season with a full spectrum of designs and styles For any EDM Festival. Parties like EDC Las Vegas, Mystery Land, and Electric Zoo are gonna be here before you know it. Be sure to check out all of our fresh T-Shirts, wild Rave Tank Tops, hot Crop Tops, hotter Rave Booty Shorts, and other dope seasonal styles. Day or night, club or gym, festival or Warehouse, your backyard or Ibiza, party vibes are infused into all our clothing.

It's all about the crew, the squad, the team at Team Inmind. We want you and your team to make the greatest memories in our clothing. All of our designs come from experiences our crew has had. Most of the stories behind them can't be told. From never ending partying to being lost at sea. The members of Team Inmind lean into any situation together as one, and we hope you and your crew get by in the same fashion.

Free Standard Shipping in the States When You Spend Over $50.

For a limited time all of your favorite Team Inmind EDM Clothing will be shipping out for free when you spend over $50. The Free Shipping option will only appear at checkout if you do so. Be sure to get the Rave Tank Tops you've always wanted now with no extra charges in time for the upcoming Festival Season.